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Book Bag | ARCs with May Releases

Over the past year, I have transformed myself into a book reviewer who gets to enjoy books prior to their release dates just so I can tell y'all about them. This brings me endless amounts of joy, I can't even begin. Here are the books releasing in May that I am thrilled to read! (reviews to follow)

We Don't Swim Here by Vincent Tirado - May 2

Queer, YA horror about a young girl who moves to a town that is haunted by its history, a town where no one goes in the water.


Graveyard of Lost Children by Katrina Monroe - May 9

Queer horror novel where a new mom begins to hear whispering from the well and grows more and more suspicious that her newborn daughter is actually a changeling.


Blue Skies by T.C. Boyle - May 16

A family drama plus eco-thriller about an influencer who can't seem to get anything she wants. When she impulsively decides to get a pet snake to wear as "living jewelry" she sets off a dire chain of events that affects everyone around her.


The Luis Ortega Survival Club by Sonora Reyes - May 23

Queer YA fiction about an autistic girl who gets into a romantic predicament with a boy, Luis Ortega. Shortly after the rumors start flying, a note appears in her locker inviting her to join a group dedicated to exposing Luis for the predator he is.

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