Episode 3 - WBC Podcast

Just popping by to let you know a new podcast episode dropped a few days ago!

PLEASE NOTE: I recorded, edited and released this episode before Kate Stewart's problematic, racist writing came across my FYP. A lot of people in the Latinx community are discussing this on TikTok - namely Mildren and Jessica - and how this type of behavior is harmful to their communities. Kate Stewart (at the time of posting this) was responding to the backlash by exhibiting a prime example of tokenism, blocking anyone who approached her to inquire what she was planning to do moving forward, posting a somewhat passive aggressive "apology" to her TikTok (Mari gives a great overview here.) It has been wild.

Before knowing any of this, I wasn't a fan anyway which is why I decided to leave the episode up. I wasn't planning to read any more of her books after the Ravenhood series, I haven't recommended these books to anyone and now that the racist writing in her book Drive has been brought to light, I stand by my already formed opinion which is... I just don't like, support or fuck with Kate Stewart.

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