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⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ Pros: a full circle story that evokes deep emotional responses to situations, well written, familiar story that drew me in

Cons: a tad cheesy, potentially triggering

Let me start this out by saying... this was my first Colleen Hoover book and I had no idea what to expect. The only thing I knew for sure was that she is very loved on TikTok and as a natural born contrarian, that had me apprehensive. How many times have I heard a large chunk of the population go on and on about something only for it to suck so entirely that I no longer feel safe in this world? Have we forgotten how much everyone LOVED 50 Shades of Grey? P.O.D.? Avatar?! Have you forgotten, because I know I sure haven't. Youth of the Nation still gives me headaches. Little Susie was only 12, yall! I digress.

All that to say, I was worried for nothing. This book was great .



It Ends With Us follows the main character Lily as she attempts to open her own flower shop in Boston, meets the perfect guy and begins to come into her own in a life she always dreamed of. Early on, she stumble across some of her old journals and begins reminiscing... that is as much as I am willing to give you before we enter spoiler territory.

The writing was so easy to read and the story flowed on its own with minimal effort on my end. The characters and their dialogue were cheesy at times, but ultimately upon finishing the book, I decided I was ok with that. Nothing popped up that was so inane that I felt the need to shut the book and never return. I am eagerly awaiting the second book, due out in October 2022.


  • As previously stated, some of the dialogue was cheesy. The "naked truth" thing got on my nerves more than once. The name of the flower shop gave me a similar reaction. Also, the fact that in her journals she was writing to Ellen Degeneres had me very confused... however, on that one, I am willing to accept that. Kids do dumb things. I am fairly certain I wrote at least 1 letter to Oprah myself so she gets a pass on this.

  • TW: ABUSE - the abuse and the subsequent forgiveness that happened gave me a lot of feelings that I did not expect to face. Lily continued to forgive Ryle and it made me angry; angry in a way that I wasn't happy about. Its so easy to forget that I, too, have been guilty of making excuses for the men who have harmed me, overlooking bright red flags on fire in attempt to "change" someone and neglecting that little voice in the back of my mind, that feeling in the pit of my stomach that says "run". It's so easy to forget and then, to judge. I didn't like that I had to face that within myself while reading this but I am also really appreciative of it because it is so easy to forget.

  • In that same mindset, at the end of the book, I fully anticipated her wanting to try again with Ryle. She had just given birth and I fully expected for her to forgive him one more time. As easy as it is to excuse things out of love, it is even easier to excuse them out of fear and the fear that comes along with the thought of being a single mother... I know that fear very well. I cried when she asked him for a divorce. It felt like we both won in a way.

  • Speaking of, a point that one of my friends brought up is that she didn't like that Lily first claimed that she didn't want to make a decision about the divorce while in an emotional state aka pregnant and that after just giving birth wouldn't she have been in an even more emotional state? I agree to an extent but seeing as hours after giving birth to my own kids, I was feeling so lonely and scared that I willingly dialed my abuser and invited them back into my life, I had a counterpoint. In my experience, I was drawn back to them, I was willing to wipe the slate clean if it meant I wasn't alone. The fact that Lily could have been feeling all of that and didn't give in shows more strength than I can even explain. So I'd love to hear your take on this.

  • TW: ABUSE - I didn't really like the way Ryle's sister was almost ok with the fact that he was abusive? She never really flat out excused his behavior but she did try to explain it and that didn't sit right with me. It also didn't make sense that Ryle accidentally killing their brother was the "reason" he's abusive. I think Colleen was probably trying to mimic the way that every abuser in life seems to have a reason, a villain origin story. I didn't buy Ryle's and I don't buy yours, go to therapy. Heal.

  • While we are on the subject... the name Ryle? What the hell is even that?

  • Atlas however... Atlas is to be protected at all costs and there really isn't much more to say. The restaurant name, the fact that he was there for her without expectations or strings. Their relationship overall was one to root for and it awakened a little romantic being inside my cynical heart. I hope for much more Atlas + Lily shenanigans in the next book.

  • The author's note at the end helped tie the entire story together. Do not skip over it. She explained why she wrote and included the things she did, what her intentions were in telling the story the way she did and gave insight into her own life and childhood that had me w e e p i n g.


Ok, once again, I will say this book earned every star I gave it. It has been a while since a book made me cry, feel, think the way this one did. Read with caution as some of the subject matter is dark and potentially triggering but definitely read it. Highly recommend.


Also, please enjoy my GoodReads review and follow me there if you'd like! This review is a great summary of all the things I plan to discuss at length below.



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