Kate Baer Poetry

TW: Fatphobia, Misogyny, Sexual assault, Body shaming, Child death, Gun violence, Rape, Infidelity, Sexism, Sexual content, Death, Mass/school shootings,


I recently was accepted into Libro.fm's ALC (advance listener copy) program where I get to enjoy a few audiobooks ahead of their official release. I am so excited because here at Weirdo Book Club we love audiobooks, especially on migraine days.

Thanks to Libro, I got to enjoy Kate Baer's second full length book of poetry And Yet. Truth be told, I was drawn to this book mostly because of the cover. When I began listening to it though, I realized this was a great pick because her poems are right up my alley. She talks about grief and heartache, growing up and growing pains, motherhood and the mayhem of being lonely, lost and alive. It just felt very honest to read about these experiences through her lens. I loved it so much, I bought signed copies of And Yet and her first collection of poetry What Kind of Woman.

I don't read poetry often and I am in no way qualified to critique poetry; that is above my pay grade. What I will say about these books is that I felt seen, held and safe in her words.

Here are two of my favorite poems, the first one is from What Kind of Woman and the second, And Yet.

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