Nothing but Blackened Teeth - Cassandra Khaw


Also, please enjoy my GoodReads review and follow me there if you'd like! This review is a great summary of all the things I plan to discuss at length below.


This review will be a bit shorter than my others just because this book was a lot shorter (128 pages). That and the fact that I was really disappointed and didn't really enjoy it means I have a lot less to discuss. I do still recommend you give it a read because this is just my opinion and could just be a matter of taste but also because its a really short read that will help you get closer to meeting your reading goal.

I wanted to like this book so badly. With a cover like that, the spooky title and the promise of Japanese folklore, it had insane potential and I was really excited. The pacing was off, the language was very challenging for me to follow and it just all felt very strange. I was frequently confused and the characters didn't appeal to me either. I don't know, I've bummed myself out writing this so if I've done that to you too, you have my sincerest apologies.



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