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Rant Review of The Wild by K Webster (yes, again)

A Few Things to Keep in Mind for my Wild review:

  • This video contains spoilers, opinions and shit talking. I do not like this book, I had several problems with it both structurally and spiritually. DO NOT TAKE MY OPINIONS PERSONALLY. It isn't personal, this book was just god awful and we can be grown ups and just agree to disagree. If you can't do that, just don't watch it.

  • I detailed the trigger warnings at 00:03:42 but be warned, this book is an incest romance novel including but not limited to the following triggers - Incest, Adult/minor relationship, Rape, Miscarriage, Emotional abuse, Sexual assault, Demonization of Mental Illness, Grooming, Spousal Abuse, Parentification, Spousification, Molestation, Trauma, Child Sexual Abuse and Romanticization of Incest. All of these are made worse by the fact that the author FLAT OUT ASKED HER READERS NOT TO SHARE WHAT THE TRIGGERS WERE (more on that in the video)


A year ago, July 2022, I blindly began reading an incest love story... How and why? Great questions. The short answer is manipulative marketing but the longer version is that the book was making the rounds on BookTok and everyone was talking about it while saying nothing. I was new to the online book community, I fell for it figuring "how bad can it be?!" to which I was quickly humbled and subsequently enraged.

The author not only didn't provide trigger warnings on her "warning"page but at the end of the book, in the note to readers, she intentionally requested that everyone "keep your spoilers to a minimum" so as not to deter people from "an unconventional, but beautiful love story” about a 40 year old father who starts banging his 16 year old daughter.

Disgusted doesn't even begin to cover how I felt. I ran to YouTube so I could yell about it but upon hearing the news that K Webster is continuing to write books in this series (more specifically, a short story 20 years in the future that “gives you a glimpse into their happily ever after and a peek at their many children”) I knew I was still angry and could do a better job at talking about it.

My initial rage review:

Same rage, more receipts, one year later:

I was especially inspired to yell again by the fact that she didn't provide trigger warnings in this bullshit either. Love that for us. It was gross but I tried to be mindful about the topics while bringing some levity with jokes and shit talking. I hope you enjoy (as much as one can enjoy incest romance, that is) YEESH

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