The Paris Apartment - Lucy Foley

Updated: Aug 9

Pros: well written, complex and interesting plot

Cons: slow, slow, slow and a little boring

TW: murder, blood, violence, trafficking, suicide, alcoholism, parent death

The Paris Apartment is a mystery based around a girl named Jess, coming to stay with her half-brother, Ben, in Paris but when she shows up… he is nowhere to be found. As the story unfolds, so does the mystery and with each question comes 3 more. The building is filled shady characters who all seem to know something or be connected to Ben in some way and it’s up to Jess to sort it all out and find her brother!

If I am being honest - and hello, there’s no reason to lie… this is my blog after all - I didn’t love this one. I rated it a 3.5 but rounded up because above everything else, it was very well written. There were a LOT of moving parts and the end of the book had a very clear resolution which is challenging to do when the plot is so dense with loose ends, which takes skill. I read this via audiobook and I think that was definitely the way to go. My main issue with this book was that it was boring and slow. If I had opted to read it in print form, I feel like these issues would have only been exacerbated.

All that being said, it was still a pretty solid read and it being boring didn’t deter me from wanting to read more Lucy Foley things in the future. If you’ve read a lot of her work, which book do you recommend I try next??

Also, please enjoy my GoodReads review and follow me there if you'd like! This review is a great summary of all the things I plan to discuss at length below.



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