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The Pawn and the Puppet Series | Rant Reviews

A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Please consider this a NON-recommendation, a taking one for the team, so to speak. I want to be clear when I say that I recommend these books to NO ONE. Reads with Rachel did an incredible job covering the books, the author and her problematic, harmful depictions; I can't recommend her video enough. Watch Rachel's video here!

  • These books contain highly inaccurate, disrespectful misrepresentations of mental illnesses, namely dissociative identity disorder. D.I.D. - like most mental illnesses - is often misunderstood and therefore, stigmatized by society and what Brandi did in these books perpetuates that. As a person with PTSD, myself, it is not my goal to contribute any more harm to an already marginalized community. My reviews are intended to highlight and make fun of the shitty writing and the ableist, ignorant, harmful portrayals done by the author At one point, the character with D.I.D. tells us that one of his alters is a "fictional...god of the sea" who can breathe underwater. That is simply just... not how D.I.D. works. It is an extreme caricaturization with no basis in reality and further stigmatizes an already misunderstood disorder. I am making fun of the book and the author's misrepresentation, not the very real individuals who live with D.I.D.

  • In both videos, there are a ton of trigger warnings that I list in the beginning of each. However, in the rant review of the second book The Master and the Marionette, starting at the 32:26 minute mark, I read a highly graphic excerpt featuring gratuitous sexual assault/rape, fatphobia, torture/violence against women and mysoginy. This lasts from 32:26-33:33 so feel free to skip it if you would rather not hear about it. Take care of yourself first! ♥️


A few months ago, I read and reviewed the first book in this series, The Pawn and the Puppet. It was atrocious. From the misrepresentation/romanticization of mental illness and the harmful Trans rep, to the shitty characters and horrific world building... it is one of the worst things I've ever read.

Now, months later and against my better judgement… I’ve read and reviewed the second book in the series and spoiler alert: it didn’t get any better. Some may say it got worse. My video editing skills did improve though, so I hope that this can somehow make this review into a somewhat enjoyable experience.

I said I wouldn't read the third book just because I hate this so much BUT if you want me to... I will consider it. For you, I will.

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