Vicious by V.E. Schwab

Pros: twists I didn't expect, supernatural, comic book vibes

Cons: slow start, kind of confusing at first

TW: Animal death, Death, Violence, Murder


Vicious was the book we chose to read for the month of September for Weirdo Book Club. It was Hannah's choice because hashtag Virgo season! This was also the book club's second V.E. Schwab book and it held its own. If you've ever seen the film Watchmen, that is what the vibe of this book was. Gritty, comic book style, twists and turns. Schwab does a really good job of intermingling real life with the supernatural and I can't wait to read more of their stuff.

Vicious follows two competitive, ambitious college roommates - Victor and Eli - who discover that through near death experiences, they can acquire superpowers. After one of their experiments goes horribly wrong, Victor is sent to prison. 10 years later, Victor gets out and their rivalry isn't so friendly anymore and chaos, murder, mayhem and betrayal ensues.

For me (Natalie), this wasn't a book that I was head over heels for but it was good. I was a little confused at first because of a few things, the start was slow and the story - while good, cohesive and immersive - just wasn't what I tend to read and enjoy. It was a bit out of the box for me but everyone else seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. You can listen to our meeting recap on our YouTube if you want more info.



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