What is Weirdo Book Club?

In spite of the name, this is not technically a book club, not in the literal or traditional sense anyway. If anything, I would say this is an open ended book club.

If you'd like to come here and get some weird book recommendations, you can do that. If you'd like to join in on the conversations, you can do that. If you'd like to read along with us, you can do that. If you'd like to recommend something to us to read/review, you can do that too. But you do not have to do any of that in order to be a part of Weirdo Book Club.

You are not required to do anything to enjoy this blog, this space. The same goes for our Instagram, Tiktok or Goodreads group. We started this whole thing in order to keep up with the crazy amount of reading we were doing at the beginning of 2022. The goal here is to document the books we read and review them honestly, and by doing so, we hope to have fun and maybe make some connections along the way.

No more, no less.

Thank you for reading this intro post and for stopping by. We will follow up with more in depth posts about who we are, the kinda books we like, etc. in the near future. In the meantime, say hey below! It's nice to meet you and I can't wait to tell you all about what we're reading!

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