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Open Books

Authors + Review Requests

Whether you are an author wanting to commission us for a review or a reader who has a book you want to get our thoughts on, we are accepting requests and commissions so bring it on!


Written Review

These take 4-6 weeks to complete. In that timeframe, I will read the book, take notes and post an honest, thoughtful review to my Goodreads, Storygraph and personal book review blog. You can request other websites as well (ie. Amazon) but those 3 are the main places I leave reviews.


Written + Spoken

This may take 6-8 weeks because this listing not only includes the written reviews as detailed previously but I will also record a podcast episode to go along with them. You can listen to my podcast on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. You can also email me with any questions you have beforehand.


Written, Spoken, Filmed

This will take anywhere from 6-10 weeks because of the various mediums I will be utilizing. This one is a triple threat: written reviews, a podcast episode and video.I create video content in long format on YouTube and short format on TikTok. You can request either or both. 

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